Kalka Chandigarh train

Most of the broad gauge trains on this section like Shatabdi express, Paschim Express and Himalayan Queen originate and terminate at Kalka but some trains like Unchahar Express, Chandigarh Lucknow express, Jodhpur Chandigarh Express and Jaipur Chandigarh Garibriath express trains start and terminate at Chandigarh.

If you want to come to Kalka from Chandigarh by train there are not much options and there is no connecting train also. Travel by bus or taxi is the best option. There is taxi stand at the Chandigarh railway station itself and one can reach Kalka in less than one hour. Toy trains to Shimla Start from Kalka.

Chandigarh Kalka Distance is 27 kilometres only and travel time is about 30 to 45 minutes.

Kalka Chandigarh train timetable

Kalka Chandigarh Train Timetable
Train No. Train name Source Departure Destination Arrival
12006 Kalka shtbdi Kalka 06:15:00 Chandigarh 06:45:00
12012 Kalka shtbdi Kalka 17:45:00 Chandigarh 18:15:00
12312 Kalka mail Kalka 23:55:00 Chandigarh 00:25:00
14096 Himalayan queen Kalka 16:50:00 Chandigarh 17:20:00
14796 Ekta exp Kalka 16:50:00 Chandigarh 17:20:00
14887 Klk bme express Kalka 21:45:00 Chandigarh 22:15:00
22926 Paschim express Kalka 10:20:00 Chandigarh 11:05:00
54304 Klk dli passenger Kalka 07:15:00 Chandigarh 07:50:00
54532 Ambala Kalka passenger Kalka 13:05:00 Chandigarh 13:35:00
Chandigarh Kalka Train Timetable
Train No. Train name Source Departure Destination Arrival
12005 Kalka shtbdi Chandigarh 20:45:00 Kalka 21:20:00
12011 Kalka shtbdi Chandigarh 11:13:00 Kalka 11:45:00
12311 Howrah-delhi-kalka mail Chandigarh 04:00:00 Kalka 04:40:00
14095 Himalyan Queen Chandigarh 10:35:00 Kalka 11:10:00
14795 Ekta exp Chandigarh 10:35:00 Kalka 11:10:00
14888 Barmer klk exp Chandigarh 05:10:00 Kalka 05:50:00
22925 Pashchim exp Chandigarh 15:50:00 Kalka 16:30:00
23008 U a toofan exp Chandigarh 05:10:00 Kalka 05:50:00
54303 Dli klk pass Chandigarh 23:00:00 Kalka 23:40:00
54531 1uk shuttle Chandigarh 19:35:00 Kalka 20:20:00


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