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Beauty of hills and the pleasant weather makes Shimla one of the most beautiful hill stations. It is situated at a height of more than 2000 meters above sea level and experiences diverse climatic conditions. The isotherms of Shimla happen to match with that of London throughout the year and is the reason for Britisher’s choice of Shimla as its summer capital.

Moderately warm and pleasant climate in summers and mostly very cold climate in winters are the main features of Shimla weather. The average temperatures during summers (March to June) are between 14°C and 20°C and with a maximum touching about 30°C. The minimum temperature during winters (November to February) can go as low as -7°C with maximum never crossing 10°C. Around Christmas, Shimla experiences snowfall. Heavy woollens are suggested from November to February months. The rainy season is in July and august months. Best time to visit Shimla is summers and winters as per liking.

Shimla weather forecast

There are different weather websites available online to check current temperature and weather forecast but the most accurate one. The following is the current temperature and forecast for the next few days / week

Summers in Shimla

Summers in Shimla are moderate and the weather is very pleasant. March-May is the months of summer and the peak seasons. The temperature ranges from 15 deg C to 27 deg C and the best time to enjoy scenic beauty. During summers Shimla is overcrowded with tourists as temperature in the plains gets too high. People can enjoy a comfortable summer and flee them from scorching heat. The climate of Shimla during the day time is warm and the nights tend to get cooler. Thus, one is required to carry some light warm clothes for the nights.

Shimla Weather in March | April | May | June

Monsoons in Shimla

July to September is the months of monsoon. During monsoon temperature ranges to 15 deg C to 25 deg C .Being a hill station it also experiences heavy rainfall and there are chances of landslides occurring here. So it is advisable not to visit Shimla during monsoon seasons. Moreover the climate during monsoon is very humid.

Shimla Weather in  July | August | September

Winters in Shimla

The winters last from November to mid- February. The average temperature during winter season is 8 deg C and can dip as low as -7 deg C. Snowfall is the main attraction for tourists that Shimla receives around the time of Christmas in December. Cold and chilly winds drops the temperature to sub zero, therefore it is advisable to carry woollens during winter season.

Shimla Weather in October | November | December | January | February

Clothing Required in Shimla

Carrying proper clothing is a must to enjoy nature to its fullest in Shimla. As temperature of Shimla is lower than that of plains proper precautions in carrying clothes is required

Summer season:  (May June): cotton clothes

Rainy, autumn and spring season (July, August, September and October, March – April): Cotton and Light woollen clothes

Winter season (November, December, January and February): Heavy Woollen clothes are required


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