How to reach Amritsar from Delhi by Train

Amritsar has an excellent railway station that connects the city to other major cities of the country – Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Agra, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Chandigarh. There is three ways from Delhi to Amritsar reaching; by rail, by flight and by road.

Delhi is very well connected to all major cities of the country through railways, roadways and airways. And if you are looking to reach Amritsar by Train, then choosing the railway is the best way since you get to witness the amazing experience.

Delhi to Amritsar Distance

The distance from Delhi to Amritsar is only 450 kilometers. Apart from this, you can catch many direct trains from Delhi to Amritsar which is easily available.

Train time table from Delhi to Amritsar

S. No. Source Destination Train Name Departure Arrival
1 Delhi(NDLS) Amritsar (ASR) NDLS ASR Exp 13:40 21:45
2 Delhi(NDLS) Amritsar (ASR) CSMT ASR Exp 04:30 16:30
3 Delhi(DLI) Amritsar (ASR) Jaliawala B Exp 12:25 19:45
4 Delhi(DLI) Amritsar (ASR) Saryu Yamuna Exp 10:50 23:55
5 Delhi(DLI) Amritsar (ASR) ROU Muri Tat Exp 22:00 07:50
6 Delhi(NDLS) Amritsar (ASR) Amritsar Shatabdi 16:30 22:30
7 Delhi(NZM) Amritsar (ASR) VSKPASR HKG Exp 14:17 23:30
8 Delhi(NZM) Amritsar (ASR) Chattisgarh Exp 20:35 08:10
9 Delhi(NZM) Amritsar (ASR) Sachkhand Express 11:48 20:25
10 Delhi(NDLS) Amritsar (ASR) Swarna Shatabdi 07:20 13:45

Content last updated in December 2019

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