Manu Temple

The Manu Temple is a prominent temple located in the Old Manali region which attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. The Manu Maharishi Temple is dedicated to the sage Manu, who is a great sage. According to Vedas and scriptures, there is an old belief here, according to which there was a sage named Manu who was the first man in the world. Whose father was the creator of Lord Brahma. Local people here believe that Sage Manu’s footprints remain inside the temple and which the sage tells the impression of Manu’s first step. Apart from all these, the old belief also states that when the sages came to the earth at the time of creation. Then he did the first spiritual practice here.

Architecture Of Manu Temple

The architecture of the Manu temple is pagoda style and most of the temples in Himachal Pradesh are built in this style. The most important feature of this structure is the timber tower or decreasing parquet. The structure of the Manu temple is made of wood and concrete and the ancient form of pagoda architecture appears which evolved from the stupa.

How to Reach

The temple of Manu Maharaj is located on the Leh Manali highway. This temple is connected with the completion highway.To reach here, you can take a taxi from Manali, which will be easily available from Manali bus stand.

Content last updated in December 2019

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