Kasauli Weather in April Month

The beautiful natural views of Kasauli relieve the fatigue of a week in seconds. All kinds of colorful flowers and pleasant atmosphere attract the heart here. Walk to ‘Monkey Point’ or Christ Church or Mall Road there is no shortage of places to roam here. The temples here are also very beautiful. Summer has just begun with the ending of March and beginning of May and will last until June.

The average temperature in Kasauli during summer is around 27° Celsius. Nights are cool with expected temperature around 14 ° Celsius.  During this time, Kasauli becomes crowded and over packed due to rush of tourists. April means the blossoming time in the year and beginning of summer and therefore the best time to visit Kasauli. In April new life is emerging. In Kasauli the wait is over for just sitting in sun and gossiping. The orchard growers are hopefully caring their trees just like kids and other wild fauna is growing and struggling at their own.

In the month of April days and nights are pleasant. It’s time to wear summer lighter clothes and get rid of heavier one. However, light woollen clothes will also be utilized if it rains. Check out hotels and reservations so that accommodation does not create any problem.

Content last updated in December 2019

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